Congratulations Fleur!

Recently a promising young student approached us, looking to purchase some Rubber belting for use in their Final Degree Show. That student was Fleur Erichsen and we are delighted to be able to say that Fleur will graduate with First Class Honours in Fine Art. To us the idea of using our Rubber material for artwork seemed an odd choice, but we are pleased to say that Fleur’s imagination is much more vivid than our own and that the exhibit proved to be a great success.

Object as medium, medium as object
When Fleur first contacted us and it became apparent what the material was for, we asked Fleur whether she would consider allowing us to sponsor her on this final piece. Thankfully Fleur accepted this offer and we were able to present her a small modicum of help, sending Fleur some Rubber and images to be used as part of the show.

We would like to commend Fleur on her professional attitude throughout and her obvious talent. We wish Fleur all the best in the future and are sure that she will go on to achieve great things, wherever her career may take her. Please see below for more images of the project and Fleur’s Work

The state of transient materials

the process forms the material; the material forms the process.

Rubber Belting

Rubber Belt