Polycord and Poly V Belts

Polycord and Poly V Belts are highly flexible, easy to install, have a long lifetime and most importantly help to reduce your downtime to an absolute minimum. Polycord Belts usually have a strong elasticity property and are extremely malleable for on-site joining. Polycord Belting is for some applications the only solution and of particular prominence in the brick-making and food production industries. As a truly independent supplier, we are not tied down to one particular Vee Belt or Polycord manufacturer and can offer you the best and most cost-effective product for your requirements. We keep you moving.

Polycord Poly V Belt

Polycord Belting comes in various shapes, colours, material and thicknesses and is usually sold per metre. Poly Vee Belts have perhaps an even wider range of applications, particular industries associated include: Aerospace, Sports and Fitness, Mining, Refrigeration, Paper/Timber and Energy. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Please find more examples of our offerings for Polycord/Poly Vee Belts below:





Poly V Belting




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