1902 Delahaye Classic Car

We have fitted belts in some unusual places in the past and for some uncommon applications, but fitting Transmission Belts to a Vintage 1902 Delahaye car was a first even for us. Fortunately after fitting the belt, we were even treated to a ride in the vehicle!

Below are a few of the pictures we were lucky enough to take of the belts fitted onto the 1902 Delahaye. The Vintage vehicle should now be ready for its annual pilgrimage in the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run.


IMG_20180426_132010 IMG_20180426_132019 IMG_20180426_132025 IMG_20180426_132033


Did you catch us in the Anglian and Midland Farmer?

Those eagle-eyed among you may have noticed our name in the April edition of both the Anglian Farmer and the Midland Farmer. This month’s edition covers the Potato Industry in depth, being the perfect place to showcase our popular Potato Screens. If you are interested in our screens, or any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. From Soil to Supermarket; we keep you moving.

Potato Screens


Another Busy Week – From Web Belts to Treadmill Belts

The run-up to the festive period is normally a busy time for Stevens Belting, with any downtime to factories having huge implications on their ability to meet demand. But over the last couple of weeks it is a Web Belt refurbishment and some of our Treadmill Belting that has caught my eye.

The PVC material on a Web Conveyor Belt, like in the images below can often wear away, but the frame itself is usually good for several more years. at Stevens we can repair these to a standard almost as good as new.


Web Belt


A fresh batch of our 2 Ply Sand Profile Treadmill Belting has also recently arrived. We only use the highest quality material from top European suppliers for all of our belts, you can see this just by looking at the high standard of this joint. We supply to both home users and businesses. Perhaps you are a business looking to have your name or logo printed on your belts, give us a call or drop us an email and we would be happy to discuss.

Treadmill Belt Sand Profile

As always we can make bespoke belts to your application and preferences, for more information please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Congratulations Fleur!

Recently a promising young student approached us, looking to purchase some Rubber belting for use in their Final Degree Show. That student was Fleur Erichsen and we are delighted to be able to say that Fleur will graduate with First Class Honours in Fine Art. To us the idea of using our Rubber material for artwork seemed an odd choice, but we are pleased to say that Fleur’s imagination is much more vivid than our own and that the exhibit proved to be a great success.

Object as medium, medium as object
When Fleur first contacted us and it became apparent what the material was for, we asked Fleur whether she would consider allowing us to sponsor her on this final piece. Thankfully Fleur accepted this offer and we were able to present her a small modicum of help, sending Fleur some Rubber and images to be used as part of the show.

We would like to commend Fleur on her professional attitude throughout and her obvious talent. We wish Fleur all the best in the future and are sure that she will go on to achieve great things, wherever her career may take her. Please see below for more images of the project and Fleur’s Work

The state of transient materials

the process forms the material; the material forms the process.

Rubber Belting

Rubber Belt




Rubber Screens, Patterns, Punches and Gaskets

Travelling Head Rubber Press

Another of our recent additions to our range, is our newest Travelling Head Cutting Press. Our newest Travelling Head allows us to produce higher quality and lower cost patterned Rubber products than ever before. Are you looking for a rubber belt with a difficult or intricate pattern, Rubber Gaskets or perhaps even just an unusual shape piece of rubber? Whatever you need, we can provide.

Rubber Grading Screen

If you have purchased any of our popular, high quality grading or screen products before – particularly for agricultural use, then we can now make these even better for you. If you have not tried these products before, then please get in contact with us. Our prices our industry leading and so are our products.

Email: info@stevensbelting.co.uk
Call Head office: 01353 624 322
Rubber Gaskets

Newest High Frequency Welding Machine for Flighted Conveyor Belts and Sidewalls

At Stevens Belting we are always looking to invest in solutions to improve both quality and efficiency. In this way we are pleased to have our newest High Frequency Welding Machine up and running, to further increase our production capacity and speed for our range including for flighted conveyor belts.

flighted belts

A significant majority of our flighted conveyor belts (cleated) and sidewall belts are made using high frequency welding at some stage, so adding another high frequency machine to our collection is always a positive. At Stevens Belting, we keep you moving. For any belt application requiring reinforced cleats, it is also imperative to use a quality high frequency welded flight.

High Frequency Machine for sidewalls and cleated belts

Treadmill Belting

Are you looking for replacement belts for your treadmill, or are you a treadmill manufacturer looking for a new supplier? Then please take a look at our new site, dedicated to treadmill belts for all applications. We can produce belts to any specification and quantity. Unsure what you are looking for? Drop us an email or give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Finding The Right Belt

At Stevens Belting we pride ourselves on helping our customers find the best product for their application, often reducing costs and significantly increasing lifespan. We are always on hand if you need advice.

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 The Right Product

Agricultural Belt Repair

A nice before and after shot, taken before Christmas, of a bespoke repair for one of our best Agricultural customers. Whatever your application, we can provide a solution.

Before and After

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