Timing Belts and Transmission Belts

timing-beltsStevens Belting Limited Timing Belts are constructed from the highest quality materials, with the main body being Polyurethane and the tension member being either Galvanised Steel Cord or Kevlar.

A wide variety of coatings are available and can be adhered to any of the range, these ensure the belt supplied is ideal for your particular application. Contact your local Stevens Belting Limited representative to discuss your particular requirements.

With Timing belts being light-weight, extremely strong and positively driven they are ideally suited to the most arduous applications, being virtually maintenance free, quiet and easily positioned they can be used for all ‘stop – start’ and accurate positioning duties and readily lend themselves to both conveying and power transmission.

Virtually any belt width or length is available, with our bespoke joining service we can manufacture to your particular requirements, please contact us at: info@stevensbelting.co.uk .

Click Here for Timing Belt Datasheets

Transmission Belting
is popular due to it’s relatively high tensile strength, especially in narrow belt applications. Transmission materials tend to provide great grip, flexibility and durability. Transmission belts are excellent roller drivers and come in various thicknesses, materials, widths, flexibility and are suitable for many industries. As a truly independent supplier, we are able to source the Transmission belting you require from a wide supply chain network and offer the best product in terms of quality and price.

Our stretchy Checkweigher belts are particularly popular among our Transmission Belting range, these belts stretch approximately 5-15% upon fitting and are FDA Food Quality approved, easily cleaned, able to be slipped on and off and very durable. Ask us about our Checkweighers for more information.

Checkweigher Belt